The Library of K. M. Agrawal College of Arts, Commerce & Science was established in 1994, the
same year when the college came into being with the vision of DR. S. R. Ranganathan five golden
rules. The Center Library is located on the ground floor and Reading room on the first floor of the
college building with total carpet area 3720 sq ft and easily accessible from all sides of the college
premises. The library which started with an initial collection of 274 books has now grown up to a rich
collection of 33996 books.

Having established a user-friendly environment in the library, the present librarian Mr A. A.
Kamavisdar along with his team manages the library with prompt and effective, online & offline library
The Library has automated through proper networking and library soft ware “SOUL 2.0” of
INFLIBINET. Circulation of books is on BAR-CODE System. Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC)
is provided to the user. The unique feature of the library is that its catalogue can accessed from any
part of the world through WEB OPAC made available at

Library is proud to provide online access facility through E-ZONE of library to the students and faculty
members to the internationally reputed commercial database like N-LIST under those 100000+ e-
books and 5000+ e-journals for access.

Library has an advisory committee consisting of one Chairperson and four members. The
composition of the library committee is as follows:-
• Dr.(Mrs).R.K.Nimbalkar   
• Dr. M. K. Bhiwandikar
• Dr.(Mrs). B.D.Patil
• Dr. V. V. Parab
• Mrs. Angha Rane
• Mr. A. A. Kamavisdar
The library advisory committee meets periodically to discuss effective and smooth governance of the
library functioning through suggestions and Specific issues & proposed policies are finalised by
them. The significant Initiatives have been implemented by the committee to render the library
Students/user friendly.

1. Working days of the Library :
2. Working Hours of the Central Library :
3. Reading Hall :

Daily Turnover Of the Library:
Monday to Saturday
8.45am to 5.00pm. On all working days.
8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
1. Circulation Counter :
2. Reference Section :

Seating Arrangement:

Reading Hall:
150 Books approximately
50 Books approximately.
1. Students :
2. Faculty :
3. Researchers :


1. Library Orientation: Library orientation is given to the new students and newly recruited staff of the
college to enable them to use the library collection extensively and avail the facility of the library.
2. OPAC: Online Public Access Catalogue
3. Circulation of Books and Reading Material

1. Home Lending
2. In-House Circulation: Main Library, Reference and Research Section,  Reading Hall, Periodicals,
CD ROM and e-journals Sections
4. Reference and Information Service
5. Book Bank
6. Inter-Library Loan
7. Issue of Identity Smart Cards: Identity Smart cards are generated and issued to all the students
and staff members of the College.
8. Specialized Services
1. Project Guidance and Documentation Services
2. Internet Surfing and Downloading Facility
3. Web OPAC
4. Photo Copy Facility
5. Access to CD Rom and e-journals
6. Preparing various Bibliographies on demand and in Anticipation of Demand.
7. Database Access Facility
8. User education
9. Career Guidance

General Rules:
1. Books will be issued for use in the reading hall only.
2. Members who have paid deposit for home lending facility will be issued only one book for a week’s
3. Late fee of Re.1/- per day.
General instructions:
1. The readers are advised to check the book(s) for any missing pages while borrowing them.
2. The readers should not wait for the due date. They should return the books as soon as they have
completed the reading.
3. The readers will have to the full cost of the books returned in damaged condition.
4. Loss of book must be reported to the Asst. Librarian immediately to avoid accumulation of late
The college administration fully reserves the right to refuse membership to any applicant without
assigning any reason.

Every individual entering the library should be a BONAFIDE STUDENT of the College and must have a
valid INDETITY SMART CARD. The Identity smart card should be produced as and when demanded
by any of the library staff.
1. Library Hours : 8.45am to 5.00pm. On all working  days.
2. Circulation : Library books are lent to readers for home reading  between  8.45 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.
Note : For in-house reading, books from reading hall as well as home lending section and ‘Research
and Reference Section’ are provided during all working hours.
3. Duplicate Smart Identity Card : In case Identity Smart Card is lost, it should be reported to the
Librarian. A duplicate Identity card will be issued to the student against a payment of Rs.100/- on
Saturdays only, after receiving proper application and copy of a police complaint in this respect.
4. Library Fine : A book must be returned on or before the due date shown on the book. In case of
urgent need the book will have to be returned immediately. Usually books are issued for a period of
one week from the Home Lending Section. Books reserved for in-house reading are not allowed to be
taken outside. In case a student fails to return a book within the time limit, a fine of Re.1 per day per
book will be charged. During examination days the fine would be Rs.10/- per day per book. A student
may get a book reissued, if it is not in demand. A student taking books outside the reading hall
without the special permission of the librarian will have to pay a fine of Rs. 10/- per day per book.
5. Mutilation of Books : It is strictly forbidden to mark library books with pencil or ink or mutilate them
in any way. The reader to whom the book was/ is issued last will be held responsible for loss of
pages or any other damage unless he/she has brought it to the notice of the library staff before
borrowing. Any student held responsible for damage of reading materials will be liable to fine
equivalent to the damage caused.
6. Silence :  Complete silence must be observed in and around the library. Disregard of this rule will
invite punishment.
7. Reserving seats in Reading Hall : Reserving of seats is not permitted in the reading hall of the
library under any circumstance.
8. Discipline : The smooth working of the library is possible only if students adhere to the rules and
regulations of the library. The Librarian reserves the right to refer cases of breach of discipline to the
Note: Although no specific rules and regulations are formulated for the staff, all the members are
advised to observe general rules and decorum.
Mr. Suhas M. Bhagat
Mr. V. P. Singh
Lib. Attendant
Mr. U. R. Singh
Lib. Attendant
Mr. B. A. More
Lib. Attendant
Mr. K. P. Singh
Lib. Attendant
Mr. B.N.Tayde
Lib. Attendant
Mr. Harish Singh
Lib. Attendant
Mr. S. K. Mishra
Mr. Mangesh Bhoir

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