Duration  of Course

The course is full time with six semesters spread over three years. It consists of 30 papers with six semester specially designed for project work.

Course Contents
1st Year
Semester I - (Five papers) Semester II - (Five papers)
1 Introduction to information theory and Application.
2 Mathematics I
3 Introduction to Digital Electronics
4 Digital Computer Fundamentals
5 Introduction to Programming.
1 Mathematics
2 Design & Analysis of Algorithms
3 Electronics & Telecommunication System
4 Professional Skill Development Course
5 Computer Graphics
2nd Year
Semester III - (Five papers) Semester IV - (Five papers)
1 Logic & Discrete Mathematical
2 Computer Graphics
3 Advance SQL
4 Object oriented Programming with C++
5 Modern Oprating System
1 Software Engineering
2 Multimedia
3 Java and data stractures
4 Quantitative Techniques
5 Embedded System
3rd Year
Semester V - (Five papers)
as per university of Mumbai

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