M.Sc. - Organic Chemistry by Papers

Student from the following categories will be eligible for admission:

Details of Course Duration

M.Sc. (Organic Chemistry)

After successful completion of two year degree program in chemistry a student should be able to:

• Determine molecular structure by using UV, IR and NMR.
• Study of medicinal chemistry for lead compound.
• Improve the Skill of student in organic research area.
• Synthesis of Natural products and drugs by using proper mechanisms.
• Study of Asymmetric synthesis.
• Determine the aromaticity of different compounds.
• Solve the reaction mechanisms and assign the final product.

M.Sc.(Organic Chemistry)

• Global level research opportunities to pursue Ph.D programme.
• Preparation for CSIR – NET examination/SET Examination.
• Job opportunities in chemical, pharmaceutical, food products ,life oriented material industries.
• Specific placements in R & D and synthetic division of polymer industries & Allied Divisions.
• Preparation for specific competitive examinations conducted by Public Service Commission.


Dr. Bhavana Patil

Dr. Bhavana Patil

Assistant Professor
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Dr. Suman Tripathi

Assistant Professor
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Mr. Santosh Kulkarni

Assistant Professor
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Mr. Sujit More

Assistant Professor
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