For each item please indicate your level of agreement with the following statements by selecting appropriate option.

Very Good Good Average Poor

1. As an alumni, do you feel, learned syllabus developed life skills. *

 To great extent   Adequate    Partially   Not at all  

2. Does the syllabus awaken economic and social understanding of the society? *

  Thoroughly    Satisfactorily   Poorly   Not at all 

3. To what extent you learned innovative things in the syllabus? *

 Thoroughly   Satisfactorily   Poorly   Can’t say  

4. Does the curriculum fulfill industrial requirements? *

 To great extent    Occasionally   Partially   Not at all  

5. Does the learned curriculum awaken environmental consciousness? *

 To great extent   Satisfactory   poor   Not At All  

6. How much did you understand the principles of diversity from the studied curriculum?*

 Excellent    Very Good    Good   Average 

7. What is the % use of ICT Technology in the curriculum? *

 90%   80%    70%    60% 

8. To what extend did the learned curriculum motivate you for further studies? *

 Thoroughly   Satisfactorily   Poorly   Not at all 

9. How does the curriculum thrust you towards excellence which ultimately causes nation building?*

 Thoroughly   Satisfactorily   Poorly   Can’t say  

10. Does the learned curriculum Inculcate moral values in student? *

 Thoroughly   Satisfactorily   Partially   Not at all