If any student breaks college/University rules or shows any violent or aggressive behavior or desire to harm others will be liable for strict disciplinary action. The Institution will have to register FIR/s which is/are mandatory against the erring seniors (students) and will be punished accordingly.

Ragging will lead to expulsion from the college.

Students joining the college are expected to accept and observe all the rules and regulations of the college.

Every student on securing admission shall obtain his/her Identity Card. The student shall always wear his/her identity card around his/her neck and shall present it for inspection when demanded. No student shall be permitted to attend lectures, tutorials, practical or use of library unless he/she has the Identity Card.

Students should read the notice boards from time to time and be informed of the information displayed for their benefits.

The conduct of students inside the classroom, in the premises of the college and outside the college shall be such that it will not interfere with the administration and discipline in the college or cause any disturbances to fellow students.

Students shall not loiter in the corridor or college campus during lecture hours.

Student shall not bring any outsiders to the college campus without prior permission of the Principal.

No student shall collect any money as contribution for picnic, educational tours, get-together or charity or any other activities without the permission of the Principal.

Any illegitimate document submitted to the college or tampering of any sort of documents will be dealt with severely.

No request in the change of subject/division will be entertained. Students shall not attend classes other than their own allotted class and division without permission of the Principal.

Student applying for certificates. Testimonials etc. and those requiring the Principal's signature on any kind of documents or application should first contact the office superintendent with a request application.

Students are expected to take care of college property and to help in keeping the premises clean, Damage to the property of the college e.g. disfiguring walls, doors, breaking furniture, fittings, etc. is a beach of discipline and will be duly punished.

Students are expected to come in the college decently attired. If student's dress, in the opinion of the Principal and staff member is detrimental to the best interest of the college, the Principal may ask such a student to leave the college premises immediately and an appropriate disciplinary action will be taken against him/her.

Smoking Spitting or Chewing Gutka and Tobacco in the college premises is strictly prohibited. Any Student found violating this regulation shall be dealt with severely.

The Students are not allowed to use their mobile phone in the college premises. Strict disciplinary action will be taken if a student is found to use mobile (University/Govt. circular No.UJ/552dated.31/10/2009)

Matters not covered by the existing rules shall at the absolute discretion of the Principal.

All Lecture Halls, Laboratories and Campus are under CCTV Coverage.