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For each item please indicate your level of agreement with the following statements by selecting appropriate option.

Very Good Good Average Poor

1. How do you rank the current curriculum towards the development of human resource? *

 Excellent   Very good    good   Average  

2. The syllabus is *

  Challenging    Adequate   Inadequate   In appropriate 

3. The presence of skill development and creative approaches in the current syllabus? *

 Adequate   Satisfactory   Inadequate    not at all  

4. The curriculum has provision of a project work/field work/internship? *

 Regularly   Often   Sometimes   Rarely 

5. The present syllabus inculcates the professional ethics and moral values. *

 Thoroughly   Very good    Good   Average 

6. To what extent does the curriculum promote the use of modern technology? *

 Thoroughly    Moderately    Satisfactorily   poorly 

7. Does your curriculum contribute towards nation building? *

 To great extent    Satisfactory   poor   not at all  

8. What is the coverage of the present curriculum towards environmental consciousness? *

 To great extent    Satisfactory   poor   not at all 

9. To what extent the current curriculum promote the principles of social justice? *

 85 - 100%     70-84%   35-69%    Below 54%